Happy Hearts and Healthy Minds...


I am also experienced in working with children and their families.

Whilst still informed by sound evidence-based approaches, our work together will often incorporate play and creative mediums such as drawing, collage, craft, puppets, miniatures and sand-tray.


Some of the things I have helped many other children with include:


Excessive shyness * Coping with feelings of sadness * Adjustment issues* Fears and Worries * Anger and temper tantrums * Behavioural issues * Resilience building * Friendship difficulties * Social skills or any 'troubles' that might be 'getting in the way' for a child.


Where appropriate, parents/carers will be invited to be involved, so that we can work together to help the situation, support new skills and enhance relationships. The degree of involvement will depend on the concerns and the age of the child or young person.

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